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The business need: Sony Crackle wanted to tease out the grittier side of their characters. 


The insight: There is a thin line between good and bad when you’re protecting something very important to youfrom family, to your street business, to the dirty list of things you did as a CIA agent. 


The solution: We gave Sony Crackle the thin gritty line. A gritty thin boundary between right and wrong, good and evil. See how far the characters would go to thrive in the dark net or to simply protect lives with rich video banners. Then find out how far you would go with personality tests on social channels or get data dumps that unveil who's who, and what they are up to.


Key Art: Welcome to the darknet.

Rich Media Banner: Find out who is back stabbing whoIncludes new trailers that show the darker side of

our characters. 

Facebook Personality Test: See how far you would go with personality tests and unseen trailers. 

Instagram: Get GIF data dumps on the cast. 

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