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The business need: UNICEF and Droga5 wanted to invite agencies all around the world to participate in the TAP PROJECTfrom W+K to Chiat/Day to TRUMPET New Orleans. Trumpet was tasked to inform the people of New Orleans of the TAP PROJECT.

The insight: Clean water is a privilege.

The solution: As NOLA is a “walking” city, we leveraged pedestrianism as a platform. The primary tactic: our team walked the streets, handing out dirty bottled water–reminding people how un-privileged the rest of the world is, and changing perceptions. A 360 campaign that spanned from guerrilla advertising to a web presence allowed for participation and donations.



One of the requirements for the TAP Project was to create a city specific logo. We also created a design system that would carry both the city specific logo and the UNICEF logo.  

Dirty Bottled Water:

We showed our audience what children around the world are exposed to. Clad in our own TAP Project designed T-shirts, we hit the streets handing out bottles of dirty water to remind people that water is a daily privilege that millions take for granted. The labels on the bottles provided more information on the Tap Project and also directed our audience to the local New Orleans Tap website for a listing of participating restaurants.

Viral Coasters: 

New Orlean-ians have a great deal of pride for their citythey like to collect coasters to showcase where they've been. So we leveraged that cultural phenomenon. There are multiple restaurants and bars per every block. Our street team brought TAP Project coasters, which provided information on the project and where to find a listing of participating restaurants, to the most popular bars and restaurants in town.

Campaign Website:

We were given the opportunity to design a website within the TAP Project site devoted 
to New Orleans. The tangible communication pieces we created guided people to this website for background information, participating restaurants, and ways to make online donations.

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