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Digital Launch / Teaser site+landing page+world wide landing page+social

The business need: Activision needed a website that would serve as a digital hub for their newest and biggest entertainment launch—Black Ops II.

The insight: Black Ops II is about a global cyber takeover—so lets hack Call of​

The solution: Did you know about that flying quad rotor with loaded weapons? The YouTube celebrity FPSRussia will tell you all about it. Every day new information would be leaked—ranging from videos and new weaponry to sounds bites and actual shots of game footage. The leaks would occur sporadically at any given time during the day. The teaser site ended with a world reveal of Black OPs II—a site dedicated to the new release. The site was be a conduit for content that led our users to a plethora of rich engagements. We had 3 million hits the first day and five million pre-orders, making this the first Activision site to allow fans to pre-order the game.

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