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Samsung + Hunger Games


Samsung Mobile + Lions Gate

Project type

Experiential/Activation + XD + CX + CRM

The business need: Hunger Games wanted to tease out their new upcoming movie, and Samsung wanted to show off its new technology. We needed to appease two clients with one creative effort, under one presentation.

The insight: Comic-Con is the perfect opportunity for Panem to gain allegiance against the rebels–and the perfect loyalists are Samsung users who have the technology. The plot twist: Some posters are vandalized by rebels. ​

The solution: NFC chips were embedded in posters at Comic-Con to alert fans via their Samsung devices. Only Samsung phones were capable of receiving this message. Fans were alerted to an opportunity to join Panem and receive gifts—such as food and water, during theirComic-Con adventure. Some posters were vandalized by rebels, which led to more free gifts like premiere tickets or an opportunity to meet President Snow.

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