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Call Of Duty MW3

Project type

Social Campaign



The business need: Activision wanted to introduce their biggest DLC launch ever–the new MW3 DLC map pack. The new DLC had tons of new maps, and Activision wanted to share it on Facebook.

The insight: In gaming, being in-the-know is essential when it comes to what kind of arms to take into a specific map. And especially when it’s a new map: new territories are the difference between a win and a loss. So, let’s reward those in-the-know with more knowledge. ​

The solution: We created a Facebook campaign that allows users to de-classify intel on new DLC maps by sharing intel about those maps. The users choose from numerous maps and messages provided by Activision. They then choose 10 friends from Facebook and message them in order to unlock map intel. The more users share, the more intel is released. The success of this FB effort allowed Activision to ask us to re-skin this effort with all their DLC promotions.

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